Chemistry Experiments

These are experiments that I have developed over the past several years for teaching General Chemistry.

You may find variations of some of these experiments published elsewhere, but there are some here that I dont think youll find anywhere else.  These are not the only experiments that I do, but these are the experiments that are not commonly available from other sources.

These experiments are to be used by professional chemistry educators ONLY.  Please do not attempt any of these if you are not a professional chemistry educator who is very familiar with normal lab procedures and lab safety precautions.  I do not assume any responsibility for any injuries that may result while following any of the procedures listed below.

Please check back to this website periodically.  I will be updating these pages on a regular basis with additional resources.  The following is the order in which I do each of these experiments (along with others that you probably already have from other sources):

1.  Brass Penny Experiment            2.  Synthesis of MgO

3.  Relative Activity of Metals           4.  Double Displacement

5.  Empirical Formula                        6.  Stoichiometry

7.  Intermolecular Forces                 8.  Hesss Law

9.  Reaction Kinetics