Double Displacement Lab




Perform each of the reactions indicated.� If no precipitate forms, write N.R.� If a precipitate does form, write the balanced molecular equation for the reaction and the net ionic equation.� Describe the physical characteristics of the precipitate for each reaction.



  1. aqueous lead(II) nitrate + aqueous potassium dichromate
  2. aqueous silver nitrate + aqueous potassium dichromate
  3. aqueous copper(II) sulphate + aqueous potassium dichromate
  4. aqueous iron(III) chloride + aqueous potassium dichromate
  5. aqueous silver nitrate + aqueous sodium hydroxide
  6. aqueous plumbous nitrate + aqueous sodium hydroxide
  7. aqueous ferric chloride + aqueous sodium hydroxide
  8. aqueous cupric sulphate + aqueous sodium hydroxide